Snowden ostrzega 艣wiat przed zaufaniem prywatnym technologom takim jak Microsoft

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TN Note: Citizens of the world still applaud Snowden for exposing the government鈥檚 massive spy operations. Governments of the world, especially the United States, would like to see him locked up for life. We are well-warned to not place blind trust in tech giants for privacy and security. 

On Saturday, NSA whistleblower spoke to the Free Software Foundation鈥檚 LibrePlanet2016 conference regarding free software, cybersecurity, and privacy. He joined the event through video conference from Russia. During the event, Snowden explained that he was able to release the secrets of America鈥檚 mass surveillance projects more securely by using free software.

The whistleblower praised Debian, Tails, and Tor observing that what he did in 2013 never could have happened without the help of free software. He also advocates that activists and journalists switch to free and open source software to secure their privacy against the omnipresent US surveillance state.

鈥淚 didn鈥檛 use Microsoft machines when I was in my operational phase, because I couldn鈥檛 trust them,鈥 explained Snowden. He went on to say that he couldn鈥檛 be sure that there wasn鈥檛 a backdoor coded into the Microsoft products that would enable government surveillance.

He cited Microsoft founder Bill Gates calling on Apple to install a backdoor into the iPhone at the request of a federal court which opens millions of end users up to the danger of a growing mass surveillance program.

Snowden praised Apple鈥檚 fight with the FBI calling it an example of a corporation standing up for its users. Still, the whistleblower cautioned citizens against relying on multinational companies for transmissions that are intended to be secure.

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